ValuEngine Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that invests based on the proprietary, quantitative research of ValuEngine Inc.

ValuEngine Inc. is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by University academics working in tandem with trading professionals in 1996. ValuEngine utilizes the most advanced quantitative techniques and analysis available. ValuEngine provides research to a variety of institutional leaders to include: Fidelity Brokerage Services, Thomson Reuters, Factset, S&P, Bloomberg, Interactive Brokers, Markit, and many more. Learn More about ValuEngine Inc.

Each ValuEngine model takes a view of the market from a different perspective and then the various outputs are combined in order to rate and rank each ticker in the stock universe. The two main models utilize complex mathematical modeling formulas as well as computer simulation techniques to compute what stock prices should be if the market were totally rational and efficient and what stock prices will be given the actual state of the market today. Over 5,000 stocks (US and Canadian) and 600 ETFs (exchange traded funds) are evaluated each trading day.

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