ValuEngine Conservative Strategy

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The ValuEngine (VE) Conservative Strategy invests in a variety of asset classes in order to provide investors with a more stable, less risky return.  The strategy can contain stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds, bonds, treasuries, and other investments when appropriate. While VE research is utilized extensively to find potential investments and indicate when to utilize this more conservative strategy over other more aggressive strategies, this portfolio is under the direct management of ValuEngine Capital Financial Advisors.  Each position is vetted individually and so unlike the other ValuEngine Capital portfolios, this strategy is not strictly quantitative. The Conservative Strategy is designed for investors seeking lower risk in exchange for lower returns. However, it is also used for more aggressive investors to place funds when markets are over bought and ready for a decline to reduce drawdowns.

Actual Traded Performance includes trading costs and management fees already deducted.

Traded Returns*  (Inception Date 1/01/2018)

Annual Returns:

Current Year Monthly Returns:
2020 August -2.08%
2020 July 5.49%
2020 June -0.45%
2020 May 2.10%
2020 April 4.11%
2020 March -2.80%
2020 February -4.75%
2020 January -0.21%

*The information presented herein is for informational purposes only about ValuEngine Capital Management’s investment strategy and is not intended as a solicitation to invest. Traded returns presented are based on client managed account performance and include all management fees and trading commissions. Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results. Please see disclosures for additional details.