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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a great way for investors to get exposure to real estate without holding and managing actual properties. REITs trade like stocks and pay dividends in addition to the potential returns from trading price increases. There are several types of REITs that investors can purchase. The VE REIT portfolio selects stocks from the three equity trust industries (Retail, Residence and Other) based on the forecasted returns.

Portfolio Liquidity Requirements: Stock must have a price of over $5, over 100,000 daily trading volume, and a market cap of over 500 million. This ensures that stocks can be entered and exited easily and quickly.

Screening Criteria: Highest one month forecasted REITs are selected according to ValuEngine ( propriety research and models.  The portfolio is adjusted monthly and contains 15 positions. An equal amount of capital is allocated to each stock.

Actual Traded Performance includes trading costs and management fees already deducted. Unless otherwise noted, the Time Weighted Return (TWR) methodology is used to calculate returns. All returns numbers come directly from the custodian of the accounts, Interactive Brokers LLC.

Traded Returns*  (Inception Date 6/01/2017)


Annual Returns:

2021 25.11%
2020 16.04%
2019 22.34%
2018 4.56%

Recent Monthly Returns:

2022 July 12.77%
2022 June -12.41%
2022 May -5.95%
2022 Apr -2.87%
2022 Mar 5.51%
2022 Feb -2.09%
2022 Jan -5.08%
*The information presented herein is only for informational purposes about ValuEngine Capital Management’s investment strategies and is not intended as a solicitation to invest. Returns presented are based on client managed account performance and include all management fees and trading commissions. Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results. Please see disclosures for additional details.